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NEMO Tree Service is centrally located in Kirksville, MO. and speacializes in Tree and Stump Removal and Tree Trimming and Pruning services.   We offer both residential and commercial tree removal services.

We pride ourselves on being a professional tree care company who offers affordable prices for our customers.   We are fully licensed and insured and look forward to working with you on your next tree trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding project.  
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Service Area: 

We frequently travel within a 150 mile radius including...
In Missouri: Macon, Moberly, Columbia, Hannibal, Kahoka, Brookfield, Chillicothe, Trenton, and Unionville.

In Illinois: Quincy 

In Iowa: Bloomfield, Ottumwa, Fairfield, Washington, and Mt. Pleasant.


In March 2016 my husband and I needed a professional to look at four of our 50-plus-year-old trees; one extended over playground equipment; the other three had limbs threatening our house and our son's house next door.  When Lowell Miller of NEMO Tree Service came to our Unionville home to give us an estimate, we were thankful for his honest evaluation and for his reasonable bid.  His bid wasn’t the only one we got, but we were happy that the decision was to ask him to do the job.
We were blessed by his character (his respectfulness, integrity, reliability, humility, and self-discipline).  
Our granddaughter and I watched Lowell accomplish what he said he would do--and were fascinated with his method of taking down trees with a bucket truck.  After more than an hour of observing such high-quality work, I told my husband that we were not paying this man enough!
If you are wondering who you can trust to do your job, please know that Lowell Miller has earned our trust, and this is our letter of recommendation.

Lowell Miller from NEMO Tree Service goes above and beyond in his tree service professionalism!! He takes extra consideration for existing landscaping and shrubs! We definitely chose the right tree service when we chose NEMO Tree Service!!

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